Why I’m geeking out about R

So, yeah, in some circles I can seem like the last one at the party. Everyone cool already knows about R, right?


Honestly, it depends on the industry, but I used SAS and SPSS in college and grad school, and while both were great, they’re expensive and tend to be industry-specific. They’re also propriety and not well integrated into other systems.

A lot of companies doing analytics prefer SQL or even Excel for data management and manipulation.

The beauty of R, though, is that it’s open source, can do complex statistical analysis, and integrates with newer versions of ArcGIS.

For someone who likes the statistical side of GIS data and who reads math books for fun, it seemed like a perfect tool to add to my skillset.

So far, I’ve found several introductory books and started a Coursera course on R and another to refresh my statistical knowledge.

What are you learning lately? What new skills do you hope to gain?

Whether it’s Python or watercolors, never stop learning!


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