My Story

I'm constantly evolving and learning. Because of this, I offer a unique mixture of skills and talents that always seem to be building on each other.

I've been a teacher, an advertiser, a news editor, a researcher, and an entrepreneur. I love helping people become better versions of themselves, sharing information that can help people make better decisions, and telling stories that connect people to others.

Neliza? Drew? Who?

Sometimes I'm Neliza. Sometimes I'm Drew.

No, I don't have some sort of personality disorder. I just represent myself as different brands because my mystery fiction persona is a little courser (and needs a more search-friendly name) than my business side.

Neliza Drew is a writer -- of crime fiction, blog posts, book reviews, and more. She's a painter of primarily abstract and contrast-heavy impressionistic nature-inspired art. She's a brand centered around expression, through words and images, and she's sometimes a little opinionated and crass. As the creator of Davis Groves, a former hooker turned paralegal and investigator, Neliza aims her message at fans of crime fiction and "edgy-but pretty" art.

Drew Smith is a burgeoning GIS analyst, an entrepreneur, and a laid-back graphic artist who designs book covers and interiors, builds websites including ecommerce, and makes pretty (and useful) maps. She's also pretty stoked about the possibilities of open source, online story mapping tools, and figuring out some advanced Illustrator techniques.

Drew Smith

Left Brain

Analyst, former math teacher, researcher, lover of spreadsheets and algebra. Stoked to discover news web mapping tools, new features of ArcGIS/QGIS, and totally bought a calculus book at the book fair.

Neliza Drew

Right Brain

Writer, painter, cover artist, book designer, web template lover, Instagram fan, and hopeless devotee of Adobe Creative Suite. Totally geeks out over pens, paper planners, and sparkly things.

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