All the Bridges Burning

Crime novel by Neliza Drew

After a volatile childhood, Davis Groves has abandoned her old life–until her sister is arrested for murder.
As she investigates and events unravel, the past Davis thought she’d buried and her sister’s present collide, and Davis questions if she can ever forgive herself for leaving her sister behind.
She may not live long enough to try.


Other fiction.

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Art - Paintings and Photography

Currently, a limited number of prints and originals are available through Fine Art America. See more as well as behind-the-scenes, and sales through the Glimpses & Remains Instagram account.

Coming soon... Gallery with direct sales of prints and originals.

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Mapping, databases, and geographical research

Creating a good map is as much art is it is science and technology. For a truly beautiful map or other geographically-based presentation, it takes an eye for graphic design in addition to competence with software and data.

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One size doesn't fit all.

Sometimes if seems like everyone needs a niche so small it can fit in an old-school tweet with room left over for a super-trendy GIF and six emojis.

Sure clarity of purpose is nice, but none of us are one thing. None of us are our undying love of that obscure movie our friends roll their eyes over or that one brand of lip gloss that sells out in minutes every time they release a new color. We're not just the mad-popular Netflix show we're catching up on or the stash of washi tape our significant other is giving us side eye over. We're not just our jobs or our clothes or our favorite books. We're a little bit of everything that brings us joy and meaning.

We're also not all "left brained" or "right brained" as though the other side of us never existed. Still, most people seem more comfortable with the idea of one or the other, even if just as means of bringing everything into focus.

I've spent a long time trying to be one or the other, one thing in a sea of many. And instead, I've collected a bunch of skills in a variety of areas.

And I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be just one thing either. You can be a master of numbers in the morning and paint delicate flowers at night. You can love mysteries and also experimental poetry written from the point of view of a depressed duck. You can buy a calculus book for fun and dance a jig when your new planner arrives and listen to a playlist with Fall Out Boy sandwiched right up against Specimen.

Sparkle your own way.


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